FTC Group
The main aim of the FTC Group a.s. is the realization of the recapitalization and revitalization projects, purchases and sales of companies and their parts or properties files, MBI (management-buy-in), MBO (management buy-out), squeeze-outs, tolling, structured financing.

FTC Group a.s. implemented large financial projects with our business partners, especially in the fields of finance, energy, manufacturing and supplies of industrial plants, mining industry, metallurgy, chemicals, petrochemicals, glass, engineering, municipal sector - municipal waste incineration as treatment and wastewater treatment, healthcare, telecommunications , media, sports, IT, industrial automation, manufacturing systems integration, telematics road and air transport, car sales - BMW dealer, rail transport - rail vehicles and railways, development, real estate, construction, liner construction and finally the stock markets.

FTC Group a.s. is actively offering modern ecological and technological implementations and applications in the interests of the regions with the FTC Group a.s..

FTC Group a.s. cooperates with international scientific institutions and universities and co-operates on joint projects, including R & D (research and development).

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